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The Peruvian Mountain Guide Association trains professional mountain guides who are subject to the strict rules and regulations of the International Union of Mountain Guides. In Huaraz their center is the Casa de Guias (House of Guides).

The formation of the Association was initiated under the auspices of the Alps-Andes project, headed by the Swiss Mountain Guide Association.

Mountain guides must be familiar with geography, geology, ecoloy, glaciology, cartography, first aid and foreign languages.

At the Casa de Guias you will get information about trekking and climbing expeditions with reference to the transport of camping and mountaineering equipment, the hiring of specialized auxiliary personnel, and on the technical equipment and victuals necessary to make your expedition a complete success.

If you hire a mountain guide, he should be a professional one like the ones in the Casa de Guias. Don't be ripped off be pseudo-guides who have no training or official backing. Don't risk your life. Look for security.


Parque ginebra 28-G
apartado 123 Ancash
Huaraz, Peru
Tel: (044) 721811
Fax: (0051) 44-722306

In the Casa the Guias you will also find a pleasant cafe-restaurant which is an excellent meeting place for mountaineers. You can get anything -from pizza to trout- in a warm atmosphere. Recommended.